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From its very first vintage in 1984 the name Gentilini has been synonymous with fine wine in Greece and its aim continues to be to produce top quality, exciting wines while promoting the unique flavours and aromas of the local Kefalonian varieties.

Today, Gentilini sustainably farms 10 hectares of vineyards, and makes a core range of ten wines. Experimental wines are produced each year to keep us moving forward, and quantities have purposefully been kept low to ensure that quality is not compromised.

Gentilini is now owned and managed by second generation husband and wife team Petros Markantonatos and Marianna Kosmetatou, who are supported by a small, but highly effective, talented and professional team in the winery, the vineyards and the Cellar Door. During harvest season the winery is alive with the positive hum of a team of people that works hard but takes great satisfaction in what they do.

Kefalonia, the island of Captain Corelli’s Mandolin, is the largest and most complex of the Ionian Islands in western Greece. Kefalonia is lush and green, blessed with plentiful rainfall in the winter followed by a long, dry and sun-drenched ripening season. This rhythm and cycle of nature allows for healthy, fully ripe grapes with concentration, balanced acidity and pure varietal expression.

The Rare Robola

Experts agree that Robola is one of the finest Greek white varieties. The grapes grow in tiny, low-yielding vineyards within the high plateau of the Omala Valley and on the steep slopes of imposing Mount Ainos whose peak climbs to 1,632 meters and dominates the microclimate of the surrounding area. It is this terroir that gives the potential for wines of exceptional quality which are characterized by delicate citrus and mineral aromas, balanced acidity and medium body with a long aftertaste.

Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia is an exceptional cousin of the better known Mavrodaphne of Patras which is made into a sweet wine. On Kefalonia, however, this grape is mainly fermented into a powerful, dry wine with characteristic aromas of sour cherry and wild mint.

Our talented team makes sure that each variety is hand-picked at peak ripeness and brought to the winery in small bins. All vinification and bottling is done at the Gentilini winery. Our boutique winery is small, but well equipped, and our barrels come from the best cooperage houses of Europe. This allows us to experiment and innovate, producing expressive wines of great finesse for the enjoyment of wine aficionados the world over.

Today, Gentilini wines can be enjoyed in our garden during the balmy days of summer on Kefalonia but are also exported throughout the world. They can be found in at trendy dining spots and wine bars throughout Europe, in America, the UK, Japan and Australia and even at Michelin starred restaurants in France.

Vineyards: 5 hectares Estate / 5 hectares managed. Sustainably farmed
Average Yield: 5 tons/hectare
Annual Production: 80,000 bottles


  • Robola of Kefalonia
  • Mavrodaphne of Kefalonia
  • Moschofilero
  • Syrah


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Gentilini Notes White

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Gentilini Notes Rosé

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Gentilini Notes Red

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Gentilini Rhombus

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Gentilini Robola

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Gentilini Robola Wild Paths

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Gentilini Robola R24

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Iri’s Vineyard

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Gentilini Eclipse

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Gentilini New Era Syrah

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